Update, June 2023

This website will henceforth become my own personal home on the web!

Update, June 2023
The sun is setting on my estate agency

I'm delighted to confirm that Barlaston Boatyard, the final property I sold as a self-employed estate agent, has now completed, bringing my time as a fully fledged estate agent to a happy conclusion. I have really enjoyed working for my lovely clients over the last couple of years, and I'm proud to have helped many others to buy and sell their canalside homes.

I have not entirely abandoned my property career. I am now working locally as a freelance estate agents' assistant for a company called 'Viewber'. This allows me to control my commitments and timetable, and put my family first whenever I need to. I will also have plenty of time to pursue my other interests!

So what's next? This Cottages and Canalside Homes website will henceforth become Sheridan by the Canal aka Sheridan Parsons - my own personal home on the web, and a repository for everything I find interesting. It may (or may not) include:

  • Collated lists of properties for sale or individual properties, whenever the fancy takes me, but with no regularity.
  • House histories, including research into individual houses, and forays into cottage building, renovating, buying, and selling in the past.
  • Family histories - my own family and others, sometimes canal related, and sometimes based on random old newspaper articles, books, or postcards.
  • Anything which doesn't fit into the above categories!

I will keep an eye on the most popular content, and I reserve the right to drift off in unexpected directions if something I share develops a particularly strong following.

Please do remain on the mailing list for as long as you like, but also feel free to leave if it transpires that the content is no longer of interest to you. Thank you to everyone who has supported me during the past few years, and I hope you will remain in touch!

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