Update, May 2023

Here's an update on what I've been doing and my future plans. Thanks for bearing with me!

Update, May 2023
Heritage trip boat Birdswood on the Cromford Canal.

Hello everyone! Sorry I've been a bit quiet. Things have been a bit upside down lately. Although my future direction is still unclear, I wanted to give you an update on what I've been doing, and - as far as possible - my future plans.

Earlier this week, I was thrilled for the vendors of Barlaston Boatyard, when they exchanged contracts on the sale of their beautiful home. We are all delighted that the new owners will be narrowboaters, and that they will make good use of the fantastic private dock.

Barlaston Boatyard

The successful completion of this sale will bring to an end my stint as a self employed estate agent.

I am now trying to decide what comes next, including the future of this website. I may continue working in property if the right opportunity comes up. I have applied for a couple of jobs, but with no luck so far (people seem reluctant to employ a 62 year old!)

I will be doing a Canalside Homes list later today - but I suspect that my lists will be less frequent than they once were.

I am still very much involved in canals, living as I do by Glascote Locks, and volunteering as a member of the local Towpath Task Force. Our weekend jaunts often have a canal theme too. We'll probably be heading to Crick next weekend. And yesterday, we spent a delightful day in Cromford, exploring the Cromford Canal, Arkwright's cotton mill, and the amazing Scarthin Books. (I adore a good bookshop!) The picture above is the beautiful heritage trip boat Birdswood, which is run by the Friends of Cromford Canal. The fascinating canal map below is one of many extraordinary treasures on the walls of the bookshop.

Canal map at Scarthin Books

Recently I have been working on writing and publishing books, genealogy (my previous profession), and experimenting with different styles of cooking. The cakes I bake for my colleagues on the Towpath Taskforce are always very popular. Here's the brownies I made for them this week!

Brownies for the towpath taskforce

I've also been revisiting my love of art. Here's a painting of a cottage in the Peak District which I completed last week.

My painting of a cottage in the Peak District

Thanks for all your support to date, and for bearing with me while I reconsider my plans. Don't go yet, just in case!

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