Pte H Jupp of Glascote Heath

Private H Jupp from Glascote Heath served in the 2nd Royal Warwick Regiment and was wounded during WW1.

Pte H Jupp of Glascote Heath
Photo by Fraizer Dunleavy / Unsplash

This is an incomplete piece of local WW1 research.

Private H Jupp served in the 2nd Royal Warwick Regiment, 8619, from October 1914. He was from Glascote Heath. He was named in the Tamworth Herald, 10th Oct 1914.

On 31st Oct the Tamworth Herald reported:

GLASCOTE HEATH MAN WOUNDED. Private H Jupp, A Company, 2nd Royal Warwickshire Regiment, senior assistant Scout Master of the Kettlebrook and Glascote troop of Boy Scouts, writing to Mr Locke, Scout Master, Kettlebrook, on Sunday, states that he is in a hospital at Boulogne. He has been slightly wounded in the thigh by a bayonet. He hopes to be well again in the course of two or three weeks, and to return to the firing line. His brother is in the next bed to him, having been wounded with shrapnel on the same day, October 21. Private H Jupp says: We had a hard fight the day I got my lot, killed hundreds of Germans; they were piling their dead in front of them for head cover. There were only about 100 yards between us and the Germans for three or four hours, but they came in such large numbers we were forced to retire. They did not pass the order along our trench, and about a company of us did not retire with the remainder; the Germans saw that so they charged our trench and this bounder caught me climbing out at the back of the trench. When I got on my feet I nearly blew his head off, but of course I had to run for it. I did not trouble about my leg. They were pinging all the time over my head. The Germans fire from their hip, and the bullets go high. The rifle fire is no good at all, but they are good with the guns and maxims.

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