Fog Cottages, Amington

Today I'm sharing some photos of Fog Cottages, a cute row of Victorian railway cottages. The long back garden stretches to the towpath of the Coventry Canal.

Fog Cottages, Amington
Rear of Fog Cottages, Amington

Hello and welcome to my latest post! Today I thought I'd share a few more photos of 3 Fog Cottages. I am not selling this property, so I did try to speak to the owner about photographing the house, but nobody was in, so I could only get external shots. This is a fascinating little terrace in Amington, between the railway and the Coventry Canal. The cottages were built for the railway workers some time between 1884 and 1901. They are accessed by a footpath, so there are no passing cars, but bear in mind that the lack of road access can affect mortgageability with some lenders. I took photos from both sides of the cottages. As you can see, they are quite close to the railway, but I stood at the front door as a train passed, and there was no detectable vibration. At a rough guess, the trains pass every 20 minutes or so. I hope you're impressed that I caught a picture of the train passing - worth the wait I think! The fronts of the cottages (shown in the first five photos) face the railway, and they're accessed via an easy footpath from a Moor Lane, which has plenty of parking space. Just to clarify, the white porch stretches across numbers 3 and 4 - number 3 is on the left. The last four photos show the rear of the cottages. You can see them peeping under the arch of the willow. They have really long sunny gardens which stretch right down to the towpath. Number 3 is mid terrace, and has two bedrooms. There is no mooring, but Alvecote Marina is within walking distance just down the towpath. 3 Fog Cottages is on the market with Bairstow Eves at £190,000. It offers quite a lot of house for the money. There's an obvious drawback with the railway being so close, but the character, fair sized rooms, the edge of village location, and the long garden down to the towpath, all make it well worth viewing! If you go along to view, please tell the owner that Sheridan sent you. I won't get a commission, but it's nice to let people know!

Please note that I am not selling these properties! My comments are based on estate agents’ details, perusal of google maps, historic OS maps, and title maps, and only occasionally a brief chat with the owner to ask permission to photograph their house. My comments must not be relied upon when making decisions to view or buy. You should always confirm all details with your solicitor and the relevant estate agent.

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