Some Canalside Homes in Amington, Tamworth

I have some new local properties to share with you today.

Some Canalside Homes in Amington, Tamworth
103 Tamworth Road, Amington

Hello and welcome to my latest post - and you may notice that it's a lot more colourful this time. I've added a few of my own photos as I have some local properties to share with you today, and I've featured one of these below, 103 Tamworth Road, Amington.

103 Tamworth Road, Amington, B77 3BY, isn't one I'm selling myself, but I have spoken to the owner and I had her permission to go down to the bottom of her garden and share the photos I took. It is on the market with Hunters at £245,000. If you should happen to book a viewing with Hunters, and you meet the owner and her sister, who are lovely, please do tell them that Sheridan Parsons sent you! I won't be getting a commission if you buy it through Hunters, but I'd like the owners to at least know that you found it through me! 103 Tamworth Road is a semi-detached house built some time between 1921 and 1938. It has a long garden backing onto the offside edge of the Coventry Canal. The garden width as you can see it in the photos actually stretches across two adjacent houses without a fence. Only the grass area and footpath belongs to number 103, and I would estimate that the width of 103's garden is somewhere around 12 to 14 feet. Of course that's too narrow for a narrowboat mooring but it's ideal for a little day boat or for paddlers. Chatting to the owner, she told me that her husband (sadly recently deceased) used to have a boat, and they did occasionally moor by the house, but I suspect that was in the days when the CRT turned a blind eye to moorings overlapping property boundaries. There is no view of the canal from the ground floor of the house because there is a garage in the way. However, there is space for two cars at the front of the house, so there is ample scope to remodel and extend the house and remove the garage to create a view - next door to the left has extended and reroofed their house, and that's certainly what I would do! Tamworth Road is not as busy as it sounds, as it carries mainly local traffic. It is well away from the noisiest road in Tamworth - the A5. The canal is delightful along here, with a range of properties backing onto the canal and some canalside pubs to visit. Amington is not exactly a villagey village, as it is now part of the Tamworth conurbation, but it does have some interesting history, and some characterful spots, especially around the canal bridges. It is a very friendly village. My son plays in Amington Brass Band and we recently enjoyed a Christmas Carol Service in Amington's delightful tiny church. Sitting at the bottom of the garden by the canal in the summer would be blissful, don't you think?

59 Tamworth Road, Tamworth, B77 3BS

£275,000 59 Tamworth Road, Amington, B77 3BS, although at first glance it looks detached, this is actually a C20 semi-detached house, with a long narrow garden split in two by an access lane. The rear section of garden backs onto the Coventry Canal. There is clear potential for a short mooring subject to CRT approval, but the garden is separated from the canal bank by two strips of land, the title of which would need to be checked. (Purple Bricks)

£245,000 103 Tamworth Road, Amington, B77 3BY, 1920-30s semi with a garden backing onto the offside edge of the Coventry Canal. Potential for a really tiny mooring! (Hunters).

3 Fog Cottages Amington

£190,000 3 Fog Cottages, Moor Lane, Tamworth, B77 3AS, mid terraced railway cottage with a long garden leading down to the towpath of the Coventry Canal. It was built between 1884 and 1901. It is accessed by a footpath, so there are no passing cars, but bear in mind that this may affect mortgageability. No mooring. (Bairstow Eves)

Please note that I am not selling these properties! My comments are based on estate agents’ details, perusal of google maps, historic OS maps, and title maps, and only occasionally a brief chat with the owner to ask permission to photograph their house. My comments must not be relied upon when making decisions to view or buy. You should always confirm all details with your solicitor and the relevant estate agent.

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