Update, January 2023 (1)

BEST. CAT. EVER. Estate agent adventures.

Update, January 2023 (1)

BEST. CAT. EVER. I just had to show you all.

I was looking at houses in Burton on Trent this week. I drove into a cul-de-sac, opened the car door, and instantly this gorgeous cat jumped onto my lap! After a little fuss (so soft!) it decided to explore the whole car, including the boot. Now I'm not usually a cat person, so trust me, it's a huge thing to say that I loved this cat and wanted to take it home with me!

In other news, today I discovered that I can embed Rightmove listings in my posts, so from now on there will be a picture for every property - woop woop!! Yet another reason to be in love with my new website hosts!

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