Baxter Close, Atherstone

New this weekend, a townhouse in Atherstone, on the market with Bairstow Eves at £260,000.

Baxter Close, Atherstone
7 Baxter Close, Atherstone, by the Coventry Canal

There is just one new listing today, which came onto the market over the weekend. It's a three storey townhouse in Atherstone, and it's on the market with Bairstow Eves at £260,000. There's a good view over the Coventry Canal with a lovely backdrop of mature trees and the golf course beyond, and there's a gate onto the towpath too. Note that the agent's headline says that it's semi detached, but it's actually mid terraced (they got it right in the detail text). There is a little bit of railway noise here, but minimal traffic noise, so it is quite peaceful.

I feel that the price is a bit top heavy, but the owner told me that he's in no hurry to sell and will probably wait for the right buyer. He bought the house for £209,000 last year, which was a steal, and I know that because next door also sold last year at £225,000. The owner admitted that he hasn't made any improvements to justify the hike in price, so I don't see it fetching the asking price any time soon, especially in this rather unsettled market, but who knows? If it did achieve a higher price, I'd be worried about a mortgage lender downvaluing it. If you decide to view this house, and you like it, you should definitely have a serious chat with the agent (whilst remembering that they work for the seller) and keep a tight grip on your purse strings.

Personally I think that the photography lets the house down. That's something you should always be aware of if you're trying to sell a house for top dollar - the photos have to be immaculate! For example, they really should have moved that space heater, which could suggest that it's a cold house. And notice my scenic little shots taken on my mobile phone from the rear. I didn't even make the effort to turn up in the sunshine as I'm not the agent, but I still think my views provide much more canal context than the slightly crooked and uninspired view from the window in the agent's gallery! And what's with all that tarmac?

All that being said, the house has a lot going for it. Atherstone is a lively little town which is rightly proud of its history. You'll find roving canal traders moored up there from time to time, and the lock flight is often buzzing with activity. You could even volunteer there as a lock keeper!

Please note that I am not selling this property! My comments are based on estate agents’ details, perusal of google maps, historic OS maps, and title maps, and only occasionally a brief chat with the owner to ask permission to photograph their house. My comments must not be relied upon when making decisions to view or buy. You should always confirm all details with your solicitor and the relevant estate agent.

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