A wonderful house by the Nantes à Brest Canal in Josselin

A gorgeous canalside guest house up for sale in Josselin, Morbihan, France, right on the towpath of the lovely Nantes à Brest Canal.

A wonderful house by the Nantes à Brest Canal in Josselin
The property is the taller stone building in the distance

Today I wanted to let you know about an absolutely gorgeous canalside home which is up for sale in Josselin, in the department of Morbihan, in France. Josselin is a beautiful town (I know just how great it is, because my sister has a house there). It has a historic medieval centre, a stunningly photogenic canalside castle, and of course, there's the lovely Nantes à Brest Canal.

This impressive stone town house is right on the towpath, close to the heart of Josselin, with panoramic views of the castle and the canal. There are plenty of excellent shops and restaurants within easy walking distance. The agent says that the house would be suitable for use as a guest house or as a private home. It is to be sold fully furnished, complete with all its tasteful furniture, decor, bed linen, towels, household appliances, and hifi equipment.

The ground floor has an entrance, living room, kitchen, veranda, interior courtyard, WC, a dressing room, a storage room and a linen room, and a garage. On the first floor there are 8 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and 4 WCs. In the attic there is a suite comprising a 9th bedroom and shower room with WC.

This house is currently on the market exclusively with MégAgence at €424,800. It is common in France to avoid showing the front of a house, as it is normal practice for other agents to try to take on a property which is already on the market. I have therefore identified its location so you can see what it looks like.

If you have any problems viewing the above link, you can easily find the property by Googling 'Aux Lits du Canal Josselin'.

The estate agent dealing with the property sale is Virginie Dangel, telephone France 06 62 50 36 65. Details used here are translated from MégAgence's details, slightly reworded, and reproduced in good faith. For fuller information and updates, see the agent's full details here.

And if you should happpen to buy it, please let us know. I'm sure that many of us would love to come and stay there!

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