Update, March 2024

This week fate came calling and I went all in on my 360° tours and photos.

Update, March 2024

It has been an interesting week! Firstly I committed to concentrating my photography and estate agency services on 360° photography and tours. My new business cards arrived on Tuesday and I'm really pleased with them.

Yesterday I was looking out of my kitchen window when I saw a familiar bow coming into view - it was Smok, my old narrowboat, which I sold in 2019!

Smok at Glascote Locks

I rushed outside and had a chat with the owner, who has been thoroughly enjoying liveaboard cruising. I was both gutted and elated to see Smok... and my goodness it made me dream of having a boat again. That same day a rainbow appeared over the canal. Was it fate coming to call?

Then today I went up to Sawley Marina to photograph Tiller Girl. Again fate intervened, and I drove part of the way behind a narrowboat on a transporter!

"Destiny is all!" or "It's all connected!"

(If you watched some of our favourite series, 'The Last Kingdom', 'Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency', or 'Manifest', you'll recognise those concepts!)

This evening I decided to go all in on my 360° tours and photos. I added myself to Google Maps, and then I started a new Facebook group where I will share 360° imagery of boats, canalside houses, caravans, and views. You can find it here:


If you're selling a property or boat, or if you have a canalside business or you're a trader on a boat within striking distance of Tamworth (ideally within 45 mins drive), I'd love to come and do a tour for you. I only charge £25 for each tour (one to ten photos + £1 for any extra photos, and I'll always include a post in my Facebook group.

Maybe this group will grow as big as my previous one - let's see. Do please join the group and help me to get it going!

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